Catechist Training

Foundations of the Faith for the New Evangelisation
2-Year Online Course

Welcome to this outstanding online-course!
This course is for the formation of catechists and of all those who would like to know their Catholic faith better in order to pass it on to others. The course is exceptional in its combination of knowledge of the faith in all four dimensions of the Christian Life, and concrete practice for passing on and explaining the Good News of Jesus Christ in differing contexts.

Tried, tested and developed over many years, this course is currently being used by the Archdiocese of Southwark and the Diocese of East Anglia for their diocesan catechetical certificates, and it has also been run in the diocese of Plymouth and in parishes around England.

Structure of the Course:
The course is in 4 parts; each part is comprised of 3 units of work; each unit of work is expected to take approximately 2 months to complete, studying for approximately 5 hours a week.
The course materials are purchased on-line and studied at home at a pace that is personally manageable.
Once registered, students are each assigned a personal tutor who supports them at every stage of the course and grades the 4 required tasks per unit.

Workshop days:
In addition to the online material, in order to gain certification, students are required to attend three workshop days. These are usually organised by a diocese. They introduce key aspects of the course, include practical activities and provide importance guidance for good practice.

Anyone wanting to do the course independently of a certificate programme organised by a diocese, may attend the three workshop days provided by either Southwark or East Anglia for a small additional fee.

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