Catholic Faith & Reason

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The dynamic Catholic vision of the relationship between the perennial Catholic Faith, revealed to us by God, and the knowledge acquired by our reason as studied over the centuries by philosophy, is essential in our times.

This course, therefore, is an introduction into philosophy for the sake of theology.  It provides an intellectual formation for grounding firmly in your life the extraordinary and salvific truths of the Catholic faith.

Tried, tested and taught over many years in various centres of Catholic Education, this course was developed by its author and current Director, Dr Andrew Beards.

Structure of the Course:

  • The course has 6 modules and is divided into three parts; each part has 2 modules.
  • A short written task is suggested at the end of each chapter to consolidate your learning.
  • The course materials are purchased on-line and downloaded immediately.
  • One can begin at any time, studying at home at a pace that suits one’s own personal circumstances.
  • Study time is expected to be approximately 5 hours a week and each module is expected to take approximately 6 weeks.
  • For those who want personal tutoring for the tasks set and for dialogue on the content of the course modules, the registration form here must be filled in and submitted – at no extra cost.
  • All registered students are personally tutored by Dr Andrew Beards and thus benefit from his extraordinary wealth of learning and experience.
  • Once registered, in addition to the online material, regular zoom sessions, optional and free, are held at intervals through the course.
  • Also, optional, in-person, 3-day summer schools will hopefully be allowed and will be held in the months of June, July & August each year. These are highly stimulating, enjoyable and recommended.  The cost of the summer schools is in addition to the cost of the module materials and depends on the venue and residential element.

For more detailed information of the course, you can download the Course Handbook & Study Guide here.

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