Discovering God Within





Nihil Obstat: Rev. Michael Wheaton.
Censor Librorum

Imprimatur: Rt. Rev. Mark O’Toole.
Bishop of Plymouth, UK
5th November, 2018


‘I bless you Father, Lord of heaven and earth, for hiding these things from the learned and clever and revealing them to mere children’.
(Matthew 11:25)

This unique film presents orthodox catechesis, while using today’s modern media style to both entertain and catechise in a way that words alone, cannot express.

Join Anna and James on an amazing adventure where they discover an old water mill, and go exploring. They find themselves unexpectedly taken back in time and space, to Christ’s carpentry workshop in Nazareth. The children talk to him and he speaks – purely using lines from Sacred Scripture – telling them about his deep involvement in their lives, through the sacraments, through prayer and in their interior souls. The resource uses an exciting variety of imaginative visual techniques involving computer-generated imagery, special effects and animation – all designed to stimulate imagination, and thereby aimed at becoming a window into the realm of Mystery, and of the interior life of the soul.

The film is aimed at families in general, and at children aged 8-12 years in particular. In addition, it can be an invaluable tool specifically for adults, where initial catechesis may have been weak. It can be used alongside any First Holy Communion programme, in order to help prepare children interiorly, as well as exteriorly to receive this wonderful Sacrament. It is important to note that, in order to understand all the allegorical imagery used in the film, initially it must be played from the beginning.


Aims and objectives

The aim of this film is to enable children to develop and deepen their understanding of the Church’s teaching from Our Lord Jesus Christ.

The objective is to explore the interior life of the soul, using authentic, orthodox catechesis, enhanced by visual effects. Please note that these effects, rather than having literal connotations, are used purely as pedagogical tools designed to stimulate imagination.


Travel back through space and time with Anna and James on their best adventure ever! Discover with them, amazing places in a way that no-one has been before.
On their exciting and mysterious journey they discover their unique friendship with Christ, and his deep involvement with the whole of their lives.

However, their greatest journey turns out to be within themselves, where they experience Christ’s deep love for them in the realm of mystery, in their souls and through supernatural living.

Discover with them, how supernatural Grace takes them on a journey from Baptism, through to eternal life, and with the aid of imagination, watch them fall to the bottom of the ocean and climb inside seashells.

Discover with them a new world when they climb into a kaleidoscope, and watch them fall into the core of a whirlpool.

Learn with the children, a simple way to become a Saint, and learn graphically, what actually happens during the Mass – not just what we can see or hear.

Learn about Our Lady’s purity and peer though Our Lady’s open cloak to reveal the People of God.

Gaze with James at the golden cord of Grace that ran through his life, and watch as Anna emerges from a golden sea. Travel forward with the children into the next life.








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