Kate Goddard and Geoff Callister

Writer and Producer, respectively, of the film Discovering God Within

Using her love of colour and the use of textured fabrics, together with her creative skills she learnt at the Royal School of Needlework, Kate combined her involvement in music with her passionate interest in imaginative writing, and wove all these elements into making the film ‘Discovering God Within’, for which she wrote the script and main music themes, together with designing and creating sets and costumes.

As a convert from Anglicanism, Kate discovered on her Catholic journey, the effectiveness of pedagogical methodology in catechesis, especially through the use of visual imagery. She found that this methodology is a powerful tool, as it not only bridges the gap between catechesis and evangelisation, but also lends itself well to the passing on of The Faith to both children and adults, since the imagination and emotions are engaged on an immediate level that words alone, cannot achieve.

Kate, an accomplished liturgical vestment seamstress, is currently working for the English Diocese of Arundel and Brighton, as Shrine Administrator at the Shrine of Our Lady of Consolation and St. Francis, West Grinstead in West Sussex, England, having served there for two decades as Sacristan and P.A to the parish priest.

Geoff applied his complementary skills (to Kate’s) of film producing, directing and media management in bringing this film to fruition. It is conceived as, and intended to be, a significant resource in pursuit of The New Evangelisation.

Geoff’s first degree was in Physics and Electronic Engineering, from where he progressed, in the BBC, from engineering to operations and on to management, gaining the range of skills which would later be combined with those of his second degree in Theology, to achieve the making of this film.

Along the way, he did much work in Adult Catecheis, including running part of the Adult Catechumenate at Ealing Abbey, and later, lecturing / tutoring catechists on Maryvale Further Education courses.

He currently works with Kate, as Parish Administrator at the Shrine of Our Lady of Consolation, West Grinstead where, among other managerial duties, he runs the pilgrimage aspect of the mission at the Shrine, lecturing and guiding the increasing number of pilgrim groups – worldwide – who now visit the Shrine.