Mount Angel Abbey Oblate Study Days

Mount Angel Abbey Oblate Study Days, July 2019

In the summer of 2019 Dr. Caroline Farey traveled to Mount Angel Abbey in St. Benedict, Oregon, USA, to give a series of talks at the abbeyʼs annual Oblate Study Days. She presented twelve sessions to more than forty of the abbeyʼs numerous oblates—lay people, married or single, as well as diocesan priests spiritually associated with the community of Benedictine monks. The theme uniting all the sessions comes from a single line of the ancient hymn Ubi Caritas: “The love of Christ has gathered us into One. Congregavit nos in unum Christi amor.ˮ In each session Dr. Farey uses sacred artworks to illuminate and illustrate fundamental teachings of the Catholic faith. She also explores in practical workshop activities ways of communicating the reality of what Jesus Christ—from the Father, in the Holy Spirit—is actually doing in and through his Church.

These audio recordings and documents are available free of charge for your personal use and enjoyment only. Thank you for respecting the presenter and her work.

To best follow the audio recordings of these sessions, please refer to the downloadable booklet containing quotes and workshop details:

Mount Angel Oblate Study Days – Booklet

The sacred artworks described and explained in every session can be found in the downloadable documents listed below. The first ten sessions have only one sacred artwork apiece. These are found in the document labeled Sessions 1-10 and are identified by session. The two summary sessions, 11 and 12, each have their own documents:

Sacred Art Reference Sessions 1-10 Caroline Farey 2019
Sacred Art Reference Session 11 Summary Part 1 Caroline Farey 2019
Sacred Art Reference Session 12 Summary Part 2 Caroline Farey 2019

Below are audio recordings of the talks…

Session 1 –

Session 2 –

Session 3 –

Session 4 –

Session 5 –

Session 6 –

Session 7 –

Session 8 –

Session 9 –

Session 10 –

Session 11 –

Session 12 –